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When Does a Company Need a CRM System?

Let’s look at this from a business owner and a consultant’s perspective. Let’s go ahead, assuming that you know what is a CRM? Or have come across about the benefits somewhere or you have used it earlier!

In fact this is the most asked question to all the consultants from small and medium scale businesses. We have come across every time we met someone regarding a CRM! They are comfortable using 100 spreadsheets with data spread over in various places, mail boxes, folders and systems. Another common reason for rejection of a suggestion is; I am able to manage my leads, customers, opportunities, projects, cases, tasks, events and communications with the help of spreadsheets. Sometimes, they just convince themselves by saying my business has not gone so big that we need tools to manage!

Believe me business owners who are busy spending more time working IN their business and not ON their business don’t believe in making life simple. In today’s world you need to think about customer’s engagement right from the beginning. You have to have an engagement process that helps you respond quickly and effectively so you can keep the momentum going.

Satyaprakash R Nivarthi, Chief Success Officer, Rapid GPRS says, “I feel that companies of any age and any size should have a CRM system. It simply transforms their business. In fact we sometimes promise our clients that CRM processes and our Business Processes Re-engineering (BPR) results in 35% increase in revenues.”

So, coming back to the objective of this article, to help you derive whether your organization needs a CRM process or not:

Below are some questions; put these questions to your leadership team. If maximum questions have gained Option A as answer, you should proceed with the idea of implementing a CRM System.

  • Is increasing productivity, decreasing turnaround time, improving customer service one of the top priorities for your organization?


  • How do you do business?

Fast / Slow

  • What kind of an organization do you intend to build?

Process Driven / Person Driven

  • What do you think will boost your organization growth?

Automation / Manual tasks

  • If equipping your sales team with the following facilities can boost their performance and improve revenue generation:
    • Dashboards
    • Automatic and accessible reports indicating their current status and performance
    • Tools that can remind them, schedule activities. create and assign tasks
    • Make quick proposals and sales orders
    • Give quick insights into inventory and pricelists
    • Email, call, store documents and record updates from a single platform
    • Create and monitor campaigns from a single source

Yes / No

  • If you have thought of any of the following when it comes to data management?

Data Centralization, cloud, Improve decision making, Making data accessible to you sales force, Analytics, Reports, Objective data for review meetings, Documentation

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