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Proven 40 tips to make you a sales super star

Do you have a vision to become a Sales Super Star?

Sales professionals are the ones who have the opportunity to draw the largest cheques. This can happen when you are producing great results and outperform every single month. Here are a few proven tips that will help you move on the path of excellence and become sales super star:

  • Communicate with the customers clearly, in a manner they understand. Your sales success entirely depends on your ability to communicate and satisfy their needs.
  • Project and establish yourself as professional and go to person. Build your loyal customer base in the market.
  • Be a good team player and focus on creating a dynamic selling environment. Develop professional selling skills deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Be updated on the latest trends and needs of the customer; today’s competition is quite furious.
  • Be aware and be ready to talk about your competition as to what they are selling, their price structure and also their sales promotions.
  • Key to your success is product knowledge. Know the product you are selling, its features, benefits and price structure.
  • Only difference between you and your competition is the customer service you offer and the relationship you build with them.
  • Talk to every customer with a smile. Acknowledge every customer like a special guest and try to turn every customer into a win with customer service and product knowledge.
  • With conscious effort, keep personal problems off the floor. They are not customer’s problems but yours.
  • Customers can surprise you with their needs and shopping. Do not make up your mind and arrive at a conclusion about any customer.
  • Give customers their personal space. If you are in a retail environment, do not follow them around. Read customers body language and give them according to your judgement.
  • If the customer says I am just looking… Walk away from him or her but do check back later.
  • Number one skill every sales person should possess: Talk less and listen more. Pay full attention. The more you listen, more information you will gather. This way you will get to assist your customer better.
  • Never interrupt your customer while he or she is still talking to you
  • Always dress neat, clean and be professional.
  • Total understanding of selling process will help you to stay in control of sale.
  • Have complete Knowledge of your product/ service, it’s availability in stock and its location is extremely important for you.

“Believe in yourself and sell with confidence believe you can win and you will win!”

  • Be confident and enthusiastic about the products you are selling.
  • Teamwork creates happy Associates. Create an inspiring and motivated environment, so that your team can enjoy their selling experience.
  • Friendly employees create a pleasant atmosphere for the customer to buy from you. Train your staff to be friendly with customers and show interest.
  • Have control on what you speak. Never talk bad about your co-workers to customers.
  • Always assist each other on the floor.
  • Sales person’s occupation is like a consultant who can read clients mind. Practice and understand your customer and his needs better.
  • Follow logical sequence to close a sale. Document proceedings in your CRM and update the stages for every record.
  • Create excitement in your customer’s eyes with the product knowledge and live examples.
  • To be customer ready, you must walk the floor every day! Be updated and be interested. Features, benefits, success stories, case studies, limitations, bugs, advantages, application, warrenty and other facts & figures.
  • Automate and stay updated on the stock and price to avoid embarrassment in front of the customer.
  • Always remember that to serve your customer with an aura of an expert, the most important steps while selling are to have product knowledge, product knowledge and product knowledge
  • Customers want to buy from a sales person who is knowledgeable and can answer valid questions.
  • There is no substitute to preparation.
  • You have to be customer ready for yourself and the store.
  • Your opening lines will set the tone for your sale. There are no set opening lines. Every sales person has to develop their own opening lines which they are comfortable saying. Practice few lines and use them to your advantage.
  • Be a mature, customer’s negative reaction should not be taken personally. It is never targeted towards you. Maybe this customer had a bad experience while he or she did shopping in your store last time.
  • Be calm and cool while handling the customer. Give extra care.
  • Customer’s objections are a big part of the selling process. Do not get disheartened because of the objections. It’s an opportunity for you to convince him, as he has just exposed the area he is not convinced about and you just have to satisfy with your answer to close the sale.
  • Learn the art of probing so you can get enough information to deal with the customer with lots of confidence and intelligence.
  • Ask open ended questions to your customers to open up and extend help with your answers to overcome their objection.
  • Be polite and sincere to earn respect and trust. Once you gain customers trust you can add on to original sale.
  • Always appreciate and praise the customers choice is to make them feel good for that purchase.
  • Always update your CRM and store every customer’s name, address and telephone numbers. It will help you keep in touch with the customer and also to inform them about sales promotions.

Keep Rocking! If you have some proven tips to the community, amake sure that you leave them in the comments below. 

Naga Darshan J
Darshan is a CRM Strategist, Entrepreneur, Author and Business Coach. He heads the sales and marketing for Rapid GPRS and has been instrumental in transformation of several businesses.

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