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10 marketing communication tactics that customers prefer

Ten marketing communication tactics that customers prefer and which results in improvised customer relationship.

Read through and implement. The following list of Marketing communication tactics is a result of our interaction with several customers and research.

Follow-up with a phone call after a service call is attended and issue is resolved

You will join the category of organizations that respect the customer and gain customer satisfaction with this process. This will also be a method to get feedback from all customers.

Organizations use phone calls, SMS, Email as tools. But, a phone call builds one-to-one relationship with the customer and increases

Address the customer by name in front of others and when you greet them

Let them know you remember them and your relationship with them is not just transactional. He/ she is an individual first and it is easy to build relationship with an individual. 90-95% of sales and marketing leaders agree with the fact that they are able to add a new account when the individual moves on to a new organization.

Have a live person attend the customer service line

When a customer calls, his expectation is to get an acknowledgement and an assurance that you are at their service. Automated IVR’s and call back services are always good but the customer’s first expectation is a human touch and somebody who can lend their shoulders. Again, you are creating a strong bond when you build a one-to-one relationship. This is one of the most important marketing communication tactics your business should consider on priority.

It is okay to send e-mail notices on prices and features regarding the products or services your customers buy frequently

You or a brand you resell may be running offers, discounts and loyalty programs. Your updates on prices and new feature releases may help your customer plan their purchase. This not only increases brand recognition but also gives you a reason to show up in-front of the customer.

Send catalogues to clients who buy often from you

People would like to stay updated on the options available and range of products you deal with. People may have requirements among the products you deal with, but they may not be aware that you cater to it. You may choose to send them through email or print media.

Special Treatment vs Good Service

Sweet words vs food served when you are hungry! What do you prefer? Business happens when somebody has a need and you have a solution. Customers come to you when there is a need. So create a policy to attend a customer first vs focus on special treatment.

Smile from a sales person who attends the customer v/s a frequent buyer membership card

Smile is contagious. Specially in a retail environment, this factor makes a lot of difference. The chances of your customers buying and buying more products increases when your sales people work with a smile. Remember, it’s not just the attendant but every single person in the premise.

Create knowledge base – FAQ’s and self-help content about your product

If you have a very large client base for a product or service you sell, it takes a while for the service calls to be attended and closed. The human race today is accustomed to self-help and research for quick solutions. It makes sense to create them. Another benefit you get with this strategy is that you have loads of content that works as SEO for you and the search engines will accordingly position your product/ service for search results.

Surprise discounts and goodies to loyal clients after finalizing the price

Today’s market is very competitive and opportunities are plenty. The client has several options to choose from, when he has a need. Loyal and regular clients will always consider to check with you before finalizing on a vendor. To increase the chances of them considering you again and again, create hopes and surprises. Again, your offering has to be positioned properly. Simple psychology of human beings works here: I saved something today / I got more for the same price.

Remember and wish your client on their life events and anniversaries

Build strong relationships with individuals. Letting them know that you remember their special events is a best way to remain visible. Automated Emails, SMS triggers and goodies work.. but, when the relationship manager/ account manager calls them personally, it is taken to the next level. Colour, fragrance, touch and feel are always an added advantage. If your marketing budgets support, you could buy them chocolates, flowers or cakes too! But, it should be a consistant activity and not a one time act. Customers have indicated that they have retured because of consistant rememberance and has been our top choice of marketing communication tactics when touch-points are considered.

Naga Darshan J
Darshan is a CRM Strategist, Entrepreneur, Author and Business Coach. He heads the sales and marketing for Rapid GPRS and has been instrumental in transformation of several businesses.

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