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Greetings from the Editor, Thank you for taking the first step to be a part of this interview process. You are here because you have been successful at what you are doing and we have heard a lot about you or your business. We have either identified you based on research or based on nominations & references from your network. wishes to recognize your efforts and share the inspiration with the community. is an internationally recognized magazine contributing to the development of thought leaders in the areas of Automation, Sales, Marketing, Leadership and Customer Relationship Management. 

The questions asked here wander around the Sales, marketing and Customer Relationship Management practices in your business. Please answer every question to the best of your abilities and truthfulness :

You also stand a chance to win an appreciation award from if your customer service story has been voted the best. Our large audience will look up to your inputs.

Let’s take this interview forward with a few questions to you: 

Please read the interview process documented below to know what happens after your views are submitted.

Interview Process

  1. Submit your views by filling the above Questions Completly.
  2. Incase you want to take a break and answer, please save the form and resume.
  3. A quick snapshot/summary of your profile and pictures requested in the form play a major role for your introduction.
  4. Once your views are submitted, our editors will compile the data in the form of an interview article.
  5. The compiled interview is shared with you for your approval.
  6. Once approved, your interview is published on our magazine and social media channels.
  7. The published article will be shared with you for your usage. You are free to use the interview article for your benefits.

In case you have any clarifications, please write to us at the following address: