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Proven 40 tips to make you a sales super star

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Do you have a vision to become a Sales Super Star? Sales professionals are the ones who have the opportunity to draw the largest cheques. This can happen when you are producing great results and outperform every single month. Here are a few proven tips that will help you move on

Telephone etiquette for angry and unsatisfied customers

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Employees have to be careful while handling an unsatisfied customers. The process of handling unsatisfied customers define your organization’s standard and reliability. It is common to have unsatisfied customers as everything does not suit everyone. Every now and then you get a customer who is upset and abusing on telephone

Negotiate a deal keeping customer relationship as a priority

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Our goal is to negotiate deals keeping Customer Relationship as a top priority. Every negotiator has two kinds of interests: in the substance and in the relationship On one hand, a business professional has an interest in his relationship with the client, while on the other side he wants to make

Sales reports you should derive out of your CRM


Here is a list of Sales reports and sales related reports that enable you to derive data, predict trends and make decisions. It is not necessory to have all of them in your CRM. Make sure that you identify and use the most significant ones applicable to your processes. Sales Forecast Reports Report

What qualities and skill sets SALES LEADERS possess?


There is constant, almost unsupportable, stress wearing down on most sales firms these days. With improving economy and increase in competition the margins are shrinking. This makes a strong appeal to drive sales revenue. In an organization, the members of the Sales Teams form the front-line and are considered as first

What’s your role in your employee’s goal?


A few questions before you proceed reading further. We intend to make a difference to the reader! Do you know your goals? Have you documented your organizations goals? Hope the answer to the above questions were a YES! Let me reiterate my first question now.  Do you know what are the goals