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Follow these best practices of Customer Data Management

best practices of Customer Data Management

Customer data management process is one of the most important process for your sales and marketing teams to achieve success. If you have got this right, then you are half way through. A large part of Customer Data Management (CDM) is about synchronizing and standardizing customer data. Effective CDM is not

CRM Health check: Parameters to consider during CRM Review


Why is it an Important to have periodic health checks of your CRM system? A health check process will help you derive the most of your CRM. With openions from several CRM experts, we have shortlisted some parameters that you should consider while doing this activity: Data Collection Duplication Data Quality Need for new reports and dashboards Read More:

What qualities and skill sets SALES LEADERS possess?


There is constant, almost unsupportable, stress wearing down on most sales firms these days. With improving economy and increase in competition the margins are shrinking. This makes a strong appeal to drive sales revenue. In an organization, the members of the Sales Teams form the front-line and are considered as first