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Sales reports you should derive out of your CRM


Here is a list of Sales reports and sales related reports that enable you to derive data, predict trends and make decisions. It is not necessory to have all of them in your CRM. Make sure that you identify and use the most significant ones applicable to your processes. Sales Forecast Reports Report

When Does a Company Need a CRM System?

Does my company need a crm system?

Let’s look at this from a business owner and a consultant’s perspective. Let’s go ahead, assuming that you know what is a CRM? Or have come across about the benefits somewhere or you have used it earlier! In fact this is the most asked question to all the consultants from small

What qualities and skill sets SALES LEADERS possess?


There is constant, almost unsupportable, stress wearing down on most sales firms these days. With improving economy and increase in competition the margins are shrinking. This makes a strong appeal to drive sales revenue. In an organization, the members of the Sales Teams form the front-line and are considered as first