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Loyalty types and situations underwhich they are likely to occur

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Different loyalty types and under what situations are they likely to occur. Creating a loyal customer base is a dream of every business. let's understand the different loyalty types and its impact on business. Building customer relationships and knowing the buying motivations of customers is an important part of understanding customer loyalty.

10 marketing communication tactics that customers prefer

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Ten marketing communication tactics that customers prefer and which results in improvised customer relationship. Read through and implement. The following list of Marketing communication tactics is a result of our interaction with several customers and research. Follow-up with a phone call after a service call is attended and issue is resolved You will

Proven 40 tips to make you a sales super star

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Do you have a vision to become a Sales Super Star? Sales professionals are the ones who have the opportunity to draw the largest cheques. This can happen when you are producing great results and outperform every single month. Here are a few proven tips that will help you move on

Microsoft’s strategy for digital transformation


What's Microsoft’s strategy for digital transformation? On October 11, 2016 Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie shared Microsoft’s strategy for digital transformation. Microsoft’s next generation of business applications are designed to enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform. Watch Scott’s keynote on demand. Microsoft has made a bold move by unifying CRM and ERP capabilities