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How to use customer database for Customer Acquisition and Retention?

Using customer database for Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention Customer Acquisition and Retention are the major responsibilities of sales and marketing teams. Majority of their efforts and time are allocated towards these two objectives. As a result of their activities, businesses generate leads converting to revenue. The primary intent of marketing activities

Effective Customer Data Management -Business Benefits

Effective customer data management: Businesses cannot survive without customers and data related to these customers is critical to every business. Accurate customer information enables sales, service and marketing teams to target specific customers and understand them in a deeper manner. This allows the sales person to have a proper hold

Improve Lead Management Process – 12 solid ways

Improve Lead Management Process - 12 solid strategies that produce results To increase revenue by attracting new customers, one of the fundamental processes you need to review is your lead management initiative. The efforts to improve lead management process will be the most profitable initiative for the sales department. The organization’s

How is CRM a concept beyond Frequency and Loyalty Programs?

CRM a concept beyond Frequency and Loyalty Programs Both CRM and Frequency & Loyalty Programs are created with a view to gain customer’s trust and confidence on your brand. Most often, activities to increase Customer Relationship become nothing more than a loyalty or frequency program. Product based companies, Hotels, Multi brand